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May 14, 2012

Paper Plate Skeletons

I can't believe we are approaching the end of another school year. My school hosts an educational fair at the end of every school year. Teachers place projects and examples of student work done throughout the year and the parents tour the school, have a pizza dinner, and participate in some fundraising at the same time. It is a wonderful tradition that many families look forward too.

One of the projects that my class posted (with the help of my amazing intern Mrs. Mac) was to create a child size paper plate skeleton. The plates are strung together with yarn and the students labeled the bones with different information that was learned about the human body. They had a ton of fun with this project and enjoyed personalizing the faces on the skeletons. The project originated in October around Halloween.

Thanks to my colleague and friend and her daughter Ashley, who is in my class,  for allowing me to post this picture from the Educational Fair.

For a tutorial on the paper plate skeleton be sure to go to Pick Up Some Creativity. She has very detailed instructions and a material list provided.


Jessica Stanford said...

How stinking cute are those!!

Jessica Stanford
Ps I'm having my first linky party and would love to have you!!

Mrs. L. Jordan said...

Thank Jessica :) I so appreciate your comment. I will be joining your linky party. I just have to gather my thoughts on the books I am going to read lol!