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June 9, 2012

Vocabulary Fortune Teller aka Cootie Catcher

Okay, so the words "Cootie Catcher" are cracking me up! As if we need to catch any more "cooties" in our occupation.

Anyway, I have been in training for the last eight days for reading across the content areas (NGCAR-PD). The targeted audience was for middle and high school teachers. However, I learned some amazing strategies and it was a good review for me since my reading certification runs through grade 12. One of the teachers shared an idea of using fortune tellers for vocabulary practice and review. I thought....What Fun!!! My third graders will so love this activity. So, I have included a template created in Publisher that you all may use an adapt! I just ask that you reference back to TIPS please :)

Oh my goodness...I just have to add this! I had originally create the template in Publisher! What a big mistake. I realized then that Google docs doesn't upload a pub doc. I then transferred everything to Word...that also took some maneuvering. I have so much to learn in the blogging world. Yet again, I am in awe of my colleagues and their talents. I have so much to learn. If you all wouldn't mind sharing with me how you learned the "tricks" in the blogging world I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

Hugs and Smiles,


YearntoLearn said...

Just found your blog. In Google Docs you need to convert/upload your Word Doc in PDF, but then that would not allow editing/adding to the cootie catcher.

By the way I teach 3rd grade also.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Mrs. L. Jordan said...

Thanks so much for commenting :) I usually put my docs in pdf but I wanted my buddies to be able to input their own info. I am so excited to be following your blog. I am new to third grade this year and am excited to learn all that I can from my amazing colleagues.

Madame Aiello said...

I learned a lot - and probably never would have taken on the blogging challenge without -Teaching Blog Traffic School, which is a video course for Teacher-bloggers (and mommy-bloggers or similarly focused new bloggers) as well as a supportive and knowledgeable community!

Just started following you tonight! Great freebies!!

Tammy @ Teaching FSL