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September 2, 2012

Free Reading Response Log for Common Core

Hello everyone! How have you all been enjoying your professional development courses? A good friend of mine and I took a class over the summer regarding teaching across the content areas and wouldn't you know the follow up assignments are due on Tuesday! I can't believe how quickly time flies the first few weeks of school. As part of the course we had to develop a reading log for our students to use. I have created a reading log that includes a response section for both literature and informational text.

The students will not be required to do one for every text that they read initially (I may assign one response for each text type per week). The children are asked to name the characters and traits as well as the setting, problem, and solution (eventually, I would like to add another response log for poetry) there is also a task where they will describe a connection, prediction, visualization, question, or inference that they made. I will be conferencing and tracking the strategies that they used. This will help me keep track of what technique that they may not be as familiar with and conference with him or her to attempt other strategies.

On the informational text portion students will describe the main idea and details, summarize, list new words learned as well as any  new information that they gained from reading the text. Finally, there is a teacher conference line for dates, suggestion, and notes.

I hope that you find this log helpful. Please feel free to download and comment.

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Kimberly Santana said...

I've been meaning to make this but you just saved me the time! Thanks a bunch for sharing :) I'm happy to be a new follower! Stop by sometime!!

The Learning Tree

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks Kimberly!
I am so glad that you like it.

louise zirk said...

I just found your blog and love the readers' response log. We can't wait to use it at our school. We appreciate your generosity very much.