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September 29, 2012

Fun Math Fact Games and Giveaway

Hi everyone! Do you ever have days if you wonder if your kiddos are ever going to master their basic math facts? It is a struggle for some of my kiddos. We do have great software and internet resources for practice, but if your class is like mine you probably don't have a computer for each student. Well, I took a course on ways to have my students master their facts and this game idea was introduced to me and it is so very inexpensive to make.


Number cubes (dice)
Mini playing cards (from the dollar store)
Poster Board
Glue Stick
2 labels
Game pieces

You simply glue the cards on to the poster board in any fashion you like. My students love the spiral. Label a start and a finish.

To play:
1. The student rolls to see who goes first.
2. He or she moves the number of spaces rolled and performs the operation of addition, subtraction, etc. (teacher chooses skill to be practiced prior to game play).
3. The student must say the number sentence aloud to reinforce the practice and the other players confirm the answer.
4. Student must land on end space to win.

I have enough boards made so that my class is divided in pairs and they play on the floor at the same time. They ask for the games all of the time.

I also wanted to share with you all that TanyaRae is hosting a Fall Giveaway of 24 wonderful products! Please be sure to check it out! 


Kate said...

I bet my students would love that! Looks like something I can get my parent helpers to make :) Thanks for sharing!

EduKate and Inspire

Jennifer said...

I love this! My kids need a lot of work with their math facts and this would be a fun game that they would love! Thanks for sharing. I started a weekly link up and I think this post would be perfect for it. I would love it if you stopped by my blog to link up! :-)

Darling Little Learners

factivation-for-multiplication said...

The realm of mathematics is pure reason. Only in mathematics, can one with absolute certainty distinguish right from wrong. Conversely, with no particular brilliance, no particular facility at computation, no particular talent, except the rather mechanical ability to distinguish rigorous thinking from bluster, there still can be adequate mathematics.


Debi said...

Can you explain the directions-they roll the dice, move their game piece to that playing card then???

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Hi Debi,
My play two different ways. One way is that they start on the first card, roll and move the number of spaces on the cube and add or subtract the number card that they were on to the number card that they rolled. The other way is that they use the number on the die and add or subtract it to the card that they are on. If they are correct they then move the number that they rolled. I hope this clarifies it a bit.
Thanks so much,

Melissa O said...

Great game, thanks for sharing.

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks Melissa for commenting. I hope that you have a terrific end of the school year.

Erika said...

Love this! You can differentiate by having kids do the operation they need to practice! Thanks!

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks Erika! I love your differentiation idea! I hope you are having a terrific summer!

Marrickville Heritage Society said...

You could also start with a target number .. eg All numbers must be subtracted (or added to) the target number. I could see this used in many ways. Instead of dice they could flip 2 (or 3 counters) to chose numbers to add, multiply, subtract etc ... OR they could use the two numbers to create a 2 digit number. They could play against others and highest made number wins......... THING I LIKE ABOUT THIS IS THAT I HAVE HEAPS OF PACKETS OF CARDS with one or two cards missing. I could easily make this from miss matched cards as well .. blah wish I hadn't had a big clean up 2 weeks ago and threw out heaps of cards.

Anonymous said...

Just what I need! Thanks so much xx