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September 1, 2012

Small Alphabet Freebie

Hi everyone! I hope that you find this Labor Day weekend relaxing. I am looking forward to some time with my little ones. My four year old started preschool this year and my baby will start day care next week. I am so blessed to have them attend my church's daycare, it is a great extension of my home. Anyway, the office of the daycare is redecorating with a Noah's Ark theme and I created a four inch alphabet in animal print for their kiddie play area. I figured that I would share with you all. The graphics are from

In celebration of Labor Day, I am having a 20% off sale at both my Teachers Pay Teachers shop and Teachers Notebook Shop. These are just a few of items that you will find! My Common Core I Can Statements for grades K-5 are also included in this sale!


Amy Grout said...

Very cute. I'm sure they are very happy to get these. If anyone out there is thinking about picking up the clock labels....I've seen them in her room and they are adorable. Also, another teacher has the alphabet cards and she displayed them in a really helpful way. She has them in 3 rows labeled Beginning, Middle, End. That way, her students can look up and see where they should be looking in a dictionary.

Michael Jordan said...
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Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks Amy! I really appreciate your comment. I hope that you are having a great weekend.