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December 13, 2012

Messy Fun

I recently noticed a need for the kiddos in my third grade class to have a lesson in being cautious about how they speak to others. I also wanted to hit home a  point in a fun way. Let me start by saying that I often get teased about how neat my classroom is and my kiddos have developed some of my habits. So, when I introduced the following lesson there were beyond surprised and excited.

First, I gave each of my four teams of students a full glue bottle which was so old that the glue had separated.  Then they were told squeeze the glue out in to a plastic opaque cup as quickly as they could. They only rule that they had was that they could not take off the orange nozzle or cut the bottle. I set a timer on my Smart board and let them have at it. It took them less then 25 second to dump. It was a ton of fun! The students were cheering and laughing. Next, each student was given a popsicle stick and they were challenged to get all of the glue back into the bottle with none remaining in the cup. They realized that this task was next to impossible.

They were sent to wash their hands and the wonder of the purpose of the lesson was killing them. You see I had not told them initially why they were doing it. I finally explained to them that it only takes a moment to hurt someone's feelings even it if is unintentional. But, it is nearly impossible to take away all of the pain from the words. You can apologize, but some of the feeling still remains. Just as the glue did in the bottle.

Check back with TIPS shortly, as I will post my follow up activity to this lesson. 

Hugs and love,


The Wild Rumpus said...

What a fabulous way to illustrate this point. Thanks for the idea--so smart.

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thank you so very much! You are super duper sweet!

Nicole Minix said...

I'm sure the lesson from that activity will remain forever. That's really creative and fun learning

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks so much Nicole! I was surprised when I asked my students what their favorite memory of third grade was and many of them mentioned this activity!
Happy Teaching,