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January 13, 2013

A Treat for a Clean Desk

Isn't funny how quickly a student can turn their desk into a disaster? I have done a desk fairy for awhile, so I am changing it up just a tad. Nearly every dollar store has the acrylic 5x7 inch standing frames and I pick them up whenever I get a chance. I will choose a desk periodically after the children have left that is tidy, and leave the frame along with a treat. The student will keep the frame at his or her desk until a new one is chosen. Hopefully, I will soon have a roomful of  "sweet" desks.



Jackie and Danielle said...

What a great idea!! I have a desk fairy, but she always forgets to come! This is so simple, yet so effective! Thanks so much for sharing! Also, thanks for dropping by our blog for our giveaway! Best of luck!!!
Sister Teachers

Laura Wagner Jordan said...

Thanks so much Jackie!I have that problem with a lot of things lately!

Caralee DeHerrera said...

Laura -- I have had the "desk fairy" visiting this year, but I think I love this idea even more! Thank you for following and supporting my blog and I am equally as glad to have found yours!


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