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April 13, 2013

Five year old Mighty Mito Warrior and Photographer

I have had the amazing pleasure of having Gavin's sweet big sister, Makenzie, in my class. Words cannot express how loving and giving this family is even though they are struggling beyond words. The financial toll of Gavin's medical expenses is weighing heavy on their heart. Please take the time to read a bit about Gavin's plight, view is incredibly photography, and see a bit as to why our community is inspired by them. Thanks so much!

Click on the image to see more of Gavin's work

Photographer, Gavin Lawrey is a warrior. At the age of five he's fighting an incurable Mitochondrial Disease, all the while teaching those around him lessons of love, laughter, and perseverance. We hope you enjoy the images he's captured from the unique perspective of a pint sized Picasso.

The story behind Gavin, photographer-extraordinaire: 
Mitochondrial Disease is a life altering condition, for which there is NO CURE. For Gavin, this means he has both cognitive and physical regression and must work twice as hard as healthy children to accomplish everyday tasks. Since playing any type of active sport is out of the question for G-Man we hoped to find an activity that he could take pride in and enjoy while expending minimal energy.

During one particularly memorable hospital stay Gavin turned his Bi-Pap mask into a "pretend" camera. It was in that moment that we thought photography could be the perfect hobby for him! We are continually amazed at the photos he produces as he runs around, pointing and shooting with pure joy and smiles from the perspective of a spirited little boy.

Gavin has a very supportive eight year old sister, Makenzie, who has named each photo in Gavin's portfolio of work. Each print includes a small logo with a little boy holding a balloon that says "Hope for Mito". This personal logo is representative of Gavin's journey and raising awareness for Mitochondrial Disease. 

Please note: Proceeds from all sales go towards The Gavin Lawrey Trust Fund. This fund helps with medical expenses, including, co-pays, medicines, medical equipment/machines as well as travel expenses for specialist visits. We use the fund to help him live as normal and as healthy a life possible.
Here's their incredible story along with videos of the family. 

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