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October 13, 2013

Pizza Box Solar Ovens

One of the benefits of living and teaching in Florida is the wonderful sun! Recently, we had a unit on camping and we were writing procedural texts. One example given by the student text was to make solar ovens in the microwave. My class to it to the next level by creating a hypothesis as to whether or not energy from the sun can be used to cook food. The students journal the steps in making a pizza box solar oven by writing the procedures after they built it. Then it was off to testing their hypothesis and writing scientific observations. Oh, what fun it was.

Lastly, one of our amazing and talented students played the guitar and sang songs while the students sat around a campfire made of tissue paper and flickering fameless candles (thanks to our neighboring teacher, Mrs. Mac). They ate their s'mores while humming and singing on their pretend camping trip. It was a day that I will surely remember for a long time and I hope that they will too.

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